Kathryn & Kyle
Kathryn & Kyle
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Our Story
Kathryn Freesmeier & Kyle Frost met for the first time on their first day of kindergarten in 2000. Having alphabetically adjacent last names, they sat next to each other nearly every year from kindergarten to sixth grade. During that time they became best friends. Kyle left for a different school following sixth grade, but the two have stayed close friends ever since.

Kathryn graduated high school from St. John Paul II Catholic High School, while Kyle graduated from Lawton Chiles High School. Kathryn continued to Florida State University with an intended major of Biomathematics. Kyle currently works for Capital Health Plan while attending college part time, with an intended major of Computer Science.

In late 2014, Kathryn & Kyle began to reconnect after adjusting to college life, and began dating mid-2015. Shortly after New Year 2016, Kyle spoke with his parents and told them his plan to ask for Kathryn's hand in marriage. Preparing over the next few months, Kyle purchased an engagement ring and spoke with both of Kathryn's parents about his intentions.

On April 22, 2016, Kyle arranged for a limousine to pick up Kathryn and take her to the kindergarten room where they had first met 16 years prior. There she found Kyle waiting inside, telling her how he had waited for this moment since the first time they had been in that room. Handing her a note which he had written in elementary school, which read, "I love Kathryn. I want to marry Kathryn.", Kyle knelt down, and asked Kathryn to marry him, to which she most importantly replied, yes.